UPS Strange Problem?

  Tugwilson 19:05 13 Apr 2006

i have a UPS its a french made XP500 model,I think there maybe something not quite right.If i loose power the UPS will keep everything going as it should until either I or the UPS shuts down the machine or the power is restored.No problem.However,If for example the power is cut for more than around 30mins(with or without the PC on)then the system clock reverts to March 1 2002 and i also loose some software files.recently the macchine has taken to restarting each time i try to shut it down and on at least 1 occasion the BIOS has automatically loaded its failsafe defaults.Do you think this is UPS related or something more sinester?

  octal 19:30 13 Apr 2006

How old is the UPS?

Its possible the UPS batteries could be at fault. I would be a bit concerned about that, because if the batteries run down the output purity can suffer which can do damage, as you are starting to find now.

  octal 19:32 13 Apr 2006

Try taking out the UPS and see if things run correctly.

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