UPS service in Windows XP

  CurlyWhirly 22:15 27 Aug 2004

I have recently bought an UPS for my PC.
As I have never had anything to do with UPS before I was unsure if I needed to enable the UPS service in CONTROL PANEL > ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS > SERVICES?
So I enabled the service and I had the following error 'Could not start the UPS service on local machine. Error 2481: The UPS is not configured correctly'

I am hoping that some forum member who has had experience of a UPS could tell me whether this service is needed or not?
If this service is needed how do I go about configuring it?
My operating system is XP by the way.

  bretsky 23:55 27 Aug 2004

I have an APC 650 ups which came with its own software package-"Powerchute Business Ed", which when installed has created its own console on my xp desktop.

You should install the software that came with your ups and let xp do the rest.

bretsky ;0)

  CurlyWhirly 00:21 28 Aug 2004

Sorry I couldn't answer your replies but I was having trouble (again) with the PCA server with JRun Server errors so I decided to log off and come back again when hopefully everything was back to normal!
Yes 'Johnsims' I did buy a APC UPS and I think I am right in saying you were the person who helped me out before - thanks!
I will take 'Bretskys' advice and install the Powerchute Plus software and to be honest I haven't even put it in my cd drive for 2 reasons:
1. It doesn't list XP on the operating system list only 95/98/ME/2000 and NT so I am not sure if it is compatible with XP?
2. I thought that the software was to allow a third party computer to monitor it through the serial cable and then it dawned on me that I may need to connect the UPS to my PC!

What I did was something really silly a few hours ago namely to test that the UPS was working I turned off the power supply in the wall expecting the UPS to 'kick in' but it didn't which really freaked me out!
When I rebooted I did a diskcheck but found NO errors which was lucky for me and I thought that maybe I hadn't installed it correctly!
Does anyone know if a Windows NT CD is compatible with XP or not and if not do you think that I culd run it under XP's compatibilty mode?
Thanks in advance for your help.

  CurlyWhirly 00:25 28 Aug 2004

p.s. When I said "then it dawned on me that I may need to connect the UPS to my PC!"

I meant with the serial cable as I had plugged the power cables in for the monitor and PC case!

  CurlyWhirly 08:49 28 Aug 2004

I do have the PC and monitor connected to the right power sockets namely I have used 2 of the 3 SURGE & BATTERY BACKUP OUTLETS with just the printer plugged into the sole FULL-TIME SURGE PROTECTION OUTLET as the printer doesn't need battery backup in the event of a power failure.
I have started another thread but (so far) no one has replied to my question can I install the installation CD on my PC bearing in mind that I am running XP and it only mentions 95/98/ME/2000 & NT on the CD cover?
I know that NT stands for 'New Technology' but I have NEVER heard of an NT operating system!

  CurlyWhirly 08:57 28 Aug 2004

I have been to the APC website but I couldn't find anything to do with a latest version of my installation CD so I will just risk it and hope that 2000/NT is compatible with XP.
I will create a System Restore point first just in case.

  bretsky 13:18 28 Aug 2004

Yes thats right, It doesn't mention XP on the software which is way I contacted APC, I puchased my ups from Dell.

APC are one of the most helpful companies I have had the pleasure in dealing with, they bent over backwards to get me a copy of "Powerchute business ed" v7.0.2 onto cd rom because I was on dial-up then {month ago} and it was 61 mb download, they sent the cd free within days and I successfully installed it!

If you go to their site {johnsims link}and look for the contact us page and pose your question you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

I think I had a total of 5 reply emails from initial question to outcome.

bretsky ;0)

  CurlyWhirly 18:23 28 Aug 2004

Thanks to you both.
Sorted now and thanks again.
All the best,

  CurlyWhirly 16:08 30 Aug 2004

I would just like to add that I agree with you as regards APC's Customer Service as when I sent them an e-mail they answered within a matter of a few hours!
How quick also they asked me whether I had a broadband connection as if I didn't have one then they would be willing to ship out an installation CD at NO cost to me!

Without doubt the best customer service I have EVER received not forgetting how courteous they were in their e-mail reply!
I subsequently was given a link to the download file on their website that I needed and it didn't take me that long to download the 60 mb file as I said before I am on broadband.

  bretsky 21:39 30 Aug 2004

If only all life was like that!

glad you sorted it out.

bretsky ;0)

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