Daisy22 21:06 11 Jun 2010

Unfortunately we have constant power cuts in our rural village, and I've already had to replace a hard drive because of this problem.

It's a desktop PC so would a UPS give me time to switch the PC off without causing unnecessary damage?

Any recommendations please if so

  T I M B O 21:07 11 Jun 2010

Are there any recommendation that the local electricity board can offer?

  woodchip 21:09 11 Jun 2010

It will if you are there when power goes of as they are limited in time they run on a battery. Buy the biggest you can afford

  woodchip 21:11 11 Jun 2010
  Daisy22 21:11 11 Jun 2010

Unfortunately no, its just one of those things - weather conditions affect the supply mostly but often there will be power cuts for no reason.

I should have probably said that I am not looking for anything more than just allowing me time to shut the PC down safely so its not necessary for a long battery time.

I'm not sure how these work, do I plug into the PC via a USB cable?

  woodchip 21:17 11 Jun 2010

have you checked my first link?

  woodchip 21:21 11 Jun 2010

The more things that are running at the time, it will shorten the run time. They fit in between The Wall Plug and PC plug

  Daisy22 21:35 11 Jun 2010

Yes Woodchip thank you I checked the link.

I think the one I need is the "standby" UPS and the only thing I want to use it for is the PC but I'm finding it confusing to know which one is the right one.

Thank you for your help.

  peugeot man 22:06 11 Jun 2010

Follow this link, click here

it will do the job for you, I have a similar model and it gives me about 20 minutes of back up power.

It is advisable to connect your monitor via the UPS as well, that way you can see what you are doing when shutting down.

Connecting is simple, no technical skill needed.

  Woolwell 22:34 11 Jun 2010

I have one of these click here. Got it because I had a series of powercuts and it gives me at least 5 mins to shut everything down.

  PalaeoBill 23:05 11 Jun 2010

Sticking my or in. My village is the same, so I have a UPS on the TV/Digibox as well as a couple in the office (with the router and hubs plugged in too). I have two desktop PC system units, a kvm switch, one CRT monitor, a print server and a an ADSL router split between two 650AV UPS boxes and have stayed powered up for fifteen minutes (a deliberate test to see how long I really had).

I've tried a couple of other brands now, (Belkin and Trust), but am firmly in the APC camp. The Trust UPS (a Power Master PW-4075T) died after only a couple of years click here.

For around the £90 mark you can get a APC 650VA (details click here). I got the last one from Amazon. They come with a free copy of PowerChute and can be set up to automatically shut down your PC in a powercut. You just plug them into the network and install PowerChute onto your PC.

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