upper or lower case?

  edennorman 09:30 03 Jul 2005

I have been told that all the letters in a file name intended for web publication, should be in lower case.
What baout the spaces between the words of a file name? Should you jst leave a space or put a dash or underscore?

Thank you.


  harristweed 10:27 03 Jul 2005

It is standard to use lower case for file names, however I don't think it is compusory.

Space are also allowed, but it is good practice to use underscore instead.

The reason is spaces are one of the characters NOT allowed in file names by the browser, so it will insert a code ( %20 ) to represent the space. You may have seen something like:
my%20site%20home%20page.html in the address bar of your browser. Not very pretty.

The reason not to use a dash, is because computers treat a dash as a minus sign, so it can produce unwanted results.
Therefore it is a good habit to avoid spaces and dashes in file names.

  Pesala 10:32 03 Jul 2005

I don't think it matters, but some people disagree with me: click here

An underscore is better than a space, which will be converted to %20 in URLs. No spacing at all makes names harder to read and easier to mistype.

  Dorsai 11:28 03 Jul 2005

I have noticed that files used on the web are case sensative.

So if the File on the server is Called image.JPG, and you type [img]image.jpg[/img] into your HTML editor, it wont work when you upload the page and image.

I think thats why it's suggested that all file names are lower case. Makes it a bit easier when you type, as you do all file names in lower case.

the Difference between the following two links, is a capital letter.

click here

click here

  Forum Editor 13:42 03 Jul 2005

I was taught that Unix servers don't like Upper-case characters in filenames, and that habit has stuck.

Spaces are best filled with an underscore.

Whatever you do, it's good practice to stick to a convention - use the same filenaming protocol for all your files, and your webs will always look neat and work well.

  Sir Radfordin 14:57 03 Jul 2005

Is it not that Unix servers are case sensative whereas Windows ones aren't?

It is simplest if you stick to all lowercase and use _ where you would use a space. This is true for most computing "naming" not just for websites.

  Forum Editor 18:03 03 Jul 2005

Yes, as I said, they don't like upper-case characters. Windows servers don't care.

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