Uploading WMV Files to YouTube

  Pesala 22:06 27 Nov 2008

I used FastStone Capture click here to create a tutorial for PagePlus. It is easy to do, and the "best quality" video looks good when I play it in VLC Media Player.

However, the uploaded copy looks just as blurred click here as my first attempt did with the lowest quality "good" setting. One can choose from "good" "better" or "best" in the FastStone Capture Options.

Did I do something wrong, or does YouTube compress videos when you upload them?

My short video is 4.13 Mbytes on disk.

  MCE2K5 22:38 27 Nov 2008

"My short video is 4.13 Mbytes on disk.":

Just downloaded your Video. Info below,

Placing an Inline Table in PagePlus.flv 1,253 KB

(-). Stream 0
.... Codec: FLV1
.... Language:
.... Type: Video
.... Resolution: 320x186

(-). Stream 1
.... Codec: mp3
.... Type: Audio
.... Channels: 1
.... Sample rate: 22050 Hz
.... Bits per sample: 16

Try Doubleing the Video Resolution to 640x372 or

  MAJ 22:39 27 Nov 2008

Youtube compresses them and converts them to FLV (Flash) files.

  Pesala 23:13 27 Nov 2008

Then is there nothing I can do to improve the quality? I can only record them at the resolution of my monitor, which is 1280 x 1024 full screen.

That video was just a rectangular area.

I did another one at full screen, which is 17 Mbytes on disk.

  MCE2K5 23:45 27 Nov 2008

Have you tried the "best" in the FastStone Capture Options.

When you said "I can only record them at the resolution of my monitor, which is 1280 x 1024 full screen", Was that the resolution of the video that you uploaded to youtube.

  Pesala 23:47 27 Nov 2008

The 17 Mbytes fullscreen video took nearly 20 minutes to upload: click here

YouTube compressed it so that the dialogues and menus are very hard to read.

I think I will have to try hosting them on my Opera Group. The poor quality is not worth all that effort.

  Pesala 23:51 27 Nov 2008

Video files are not allowed at My Opera.

  MAJ 23:56 27 Nov 2008

Try lowering the screen resolution, Pesala, it will make the menus appear larger and hopefully that will make them appear more clear.

  MCE2K5 00:11 28 Nov 2008

Try sticking the Videos on Photobucket click here

  Pesala 00:13 28 Nov 2008

but that won't work very well because the toolbars will then not fit in the Window and the Tutorial won't be the same.

Although it is theoretically possible to use FontCreator on a 640 x 480 monitor click here it is very different to what most people actually use these days.

  Pesala 00:15 28 Nov 2008

I will think about Photobucket — it might do the job.

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