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  steve263000 07:03 31 Dec 2004

I do not suppose that I am the only one that does not know this, so hear goes. I another thread, I had trouble uploading my site, click here and the FE advised me that I did not need my FTP client, Terrapin to upload for me, but I could do it myself. I tried it through the upload wizard, but all I got was through to the msm site that I do not want. How do I upload changes that I make in the future directly to my site?

  LeadingMNMs 09:25 31 Dec 2004

If you use an FTP client then you'll need to know details about the server that your site is hosted on - these should be provided by the host.

After putting these details in, including your user name and password, you should be able to connect to the hosts server, and see any pages that you have already uploaded.

Normally, on the left hand side of the FTP client will be a directory listing of a location on your hard drive. Navigate to the directory where you files are kept, select them and click a button that will transfer your files - Thats it.

  Taran 10:01 31 Dec 2004

The built in Windows web publishing wizard does try to default to MSN.

I suspect that you were uing FrontPage and this would be the reason Forum Editor said to leave your FTP program out of the mix.

FrontPage can publish sites direct without having to use a third party FTP program, and if your web space has FrontPage Server Extension support, publishing the site with an FTP program totally messes the extensions up and havoc can sometimes ensue.

I imagine that Forum Editor meant for you to have your site open in FrontPage and click on the File, Publish Site option. Follow the prompts by supplying the site domain name, your FTP username and password, and FrontPage should scuttle off and publish your pages beautifully.

Having said that, I don't want to appear to be putting words in Forum Editors mouth, so if the above was not the case, my apologies.

Using the Windows built in Web Publishing Wizard on the most recent versions of Windows defaults to MSN, and I think this is what has happened in your case.

The whole point to any good WYSIWYG editor is that you can do everythign 'in-house'. You design your pages and when you are ready to publish them you do so from within the same program. FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive, NetObjects Fusion and so on can all do this and in the case of FrontPage it is vital to do it that way if you want to preserve any aspect of your site that relies on the FrontPage Server Extensions.

  steve263000 15:26 31 Dec 2004

As usual, when you ask something in here, even if you think everyone but you knows the answer, along comes help. Can I thank all for there help this year, all wish you all a very Happy New Year.

  Forum Editor 17:18 31 Dec 2004

In your previous thread you said that you were using FrontPage - that's why I said you didn't need to publish your site with Terrapin.

FrontPage will do it all automatically. I made the mistake of assuming you knew that - my apologies for not making it clearer.

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