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  lillydrop 20:26 24 Apr 2007

Someone usually uploads my pics for me on my website, cause i cant do that part.
I have now created more pics and this time would like to upload them myself as they are too steeped in work to do it.
My pics need to be added on on the existing art page already up and running on my website.
I understand a bit about html, so thats not a problem, but dont now how to upload my new pics on the relevant page. I've tried and they dont even touch the page, but just go on to a new browser.

Please, can someone kindly take me through step by step proceedures.
Incidentally. I wont spam anyone with my website, and wont even mention it's name.- Promise, just want to upload my new pics.

  Kate B 23:15 24 Apr 2007

well, it rather depends on all sorts of things. For example, I upload pictures to my website via Vista's Photo Gallery and Print Pictures - I've installed a registry tweak that allows me to send pictures to my site and you may have something similar available to you.

Or you could upload them via FTP, or you could have a Java applet to do that (which is an option for my website) ... you really need to ask the person who usually does it for you to show you how s/he does it.

  acxxxx 02:44 25 Apr 2007

Uploading to your hosting site is usually quite straight forward (it doesn’t matter if it's files or pictures that you are uploading). There is usually a link that say's import files. Just double check the files' you are uploading are loaded to the folder on your hosting site where the url's (links) on your web page expect to find them.

Getting the web page to display your pictures is the hard bit. You must also edit and upload the web page so that any url's on the page point correctly to the pictures.

  lillydrop 23:52 29 Apr 2007

Thanx a bunch yu two.
Much appreciated, I'll give it a go.

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