Uploading photoshop web gallery

  m800afc 00:05 30 Apr 2007

I have made a web galley using photoshop. I tried using filezilla to upload it and although filezilla reports a successful upload, the galley is not on my web page. This is the first time I have tried this and have no idea where I am going wrong. My website is hosted by 1and1 and they are not much help (which is unusual for them) The site only consists of one page with one photo on it, which I put on to see if I could. Any help would be appreciated.

  MAJ 01:35 30 Apr 2007

Photoshop will create the files you need for the web gallery. One of the files is called "index.htm", that will be the homepage. If the page you already have on your site is called "index.htm" then delete it (or back it up) using Filezilla. Now go to the folder that photoshop created and upload everything in that folder (not the folder itself though) to your site. On your site, you should then have your index.htm, the other pages Photoshop created (these will be .htm files, by default Photoshop calls them "index_2.htm", "index_3.htm", "index_4.htm", etc.), plus the folders containing the images, pages and thumbnails. When all those are uploaded to your site, enter your site's address into your browser and the "index.htm" page should appear.

  MAJ 01:02 01 May 2007

Should I use my invisibility to fight crime, or should I use it to take over the world...... mmmwahahahhaha.

  Gandalph 01:16 01 May 2007

It would be nice if you heard back from m800afc wouldn't it.

  MAJ 01:20 01 May 2007

Who said that??

  MAJ 01:22 01 May 2007

sorry Gandalph, just a little bored tonight, nothing on the telly that doesn't need dusting.

I guess m800afc has got it sorted and moved on.

  VoG II 01:27 01 May 2007

Stick to crime, Tony. Mr Gates has already sown-up world domination :o)

  MAJ 01:31 01 May 2007

LOL. What you doing up at this time of night, VoG™? ;)

  MAJ 01:41 01 May 2007

Time for bed, there's half a PC Advisor mag and a magnifying glass waiting for me upstairs, have only got as far as the digital cameras review. Hope Mrs. MAJ is asleep, lol.

  m800afc 11:30 01 May 2007

Thanks for the advice MAJ, I followed it to the letter and Filezilla reported a successful upload. I then waited for it to appear on my website. A couple of days later and it has still not appeared. What on earth can I be doing wrong?
I have not been able to reply earlier as I was away at a funeral, Gandalf.

  MAJ 15:49 01 May 2007

When you connect with Filezilla, does it show the listing of files on your site in the "Remote Site" section of filezilla's interface, m800afc?

As your original page appeared okay, I can only assume that, if you are using your own domain name (www m800afc. co.uk, for example), you have forwarding set up correctly. As I don't know the address of your site, try

www your site's address/index.htm

see if that works. I have to say I just tried it out using a web gallery created in Photoshop 6 and uploaded it using Filezilla, it worked first time.

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