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  jonnyg111 11:13 29 Nov 2006

I am trying to load two pdf files to my webspace so that others can download them (for free.) They are quie large, 6mb each perhaps. So far my ftp program (Terrapin) has said no to the upload saying "Error creating file." Can anyone help please?



  jonnyg111 12:38 29 Nov 2006

Glad that uploading pdfs should be no problem. Host is Titan Internet, and there should be lots of space left in my area (it is a 50mb deal and I reckon my site is currently 10mb max). Connection is NTL Broadband, most basic option. Firewall is McAfee. Unsure where to look for ftp settings, permissions etc would value advice.



  jonnyg111 14:31 29 Nov 2006

Tried restarting my computer and no problems with the upload this time. Maybe the file I was trying to upload was open somewhere as I tried to upload it? Thank you fourm for the advice that it is okay to upload big pdf files.

  matto 18:21 29 Nov 2006

for the record, uploading files via some web forms (the ones where you click 'browse' and select the file to upload) do have restrictions on the size of file.

Also, when throwing a PDF into your site, be cautious of it's size - in fact, consider if you need it at all.

I have a number of PDF's taken from reputable sites - some of them are several megabytes in size. After optimisation they are a couple of hundred - that's just poor work.

Also, many of these PDFs have content that isn't worth downloading in it's own right - consider creating a HTML version of the content. It's not difficult and can make the browsing experience so much more enjoyable.

PDF's are for large documents or people too lazy to create web content for their website.

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