Uploading my site to my new oneandone host???

  Ben Avery 10:55 12 Nov 2003


Could you help me with setting up my FTP? I bought a hosting package with oneandone.co.uk which has given me my own domain (benavery.co.uk) and the starter package; which consists of 50MB space and I think 6GB traffic.

I was under the impression that one I'd registered it all (I did it last night - 11/11/03) I'd be able to transfer files via FTP and do it in Internet Explorer by typing "ftp :// benavery .co.uk" (without the spaces) and get up a username and password box to fill in like I do with my terrapin FTP on the network here.

I don't get it though, where is my username and password details - I haven't been given any yet!?

I'm totally stumped as to what to do to actually host the site. I obviously have all of the web pages on my HDD here but I don't know how to upload them. The control panel seems confusing on oneandone and I'm really not sure what I'm doing!

Any help for the dunce welcome - I'm currently about to sit in the corner with a large pointy hat on sporting a large red "D" motif!


  Sir Radfordin 11:39 12 Nov 2003

click here and login using the domain name benavery.co.uk and the password you put on your account (when you created it)

You will then be taken into the control pannel. Click on the packages available (of which I guess there is only one) and on the next screen you should see a linke to accounts. Your FTP account details are under there.

I've always used click here when doing stuff with 1&1 (though not your domain!!)

  Sir Radfordin 11:40 12 Nov 2003

PS Done that from memory so post back if you get lost again!

  Talented Monkey 11:41 12 Nov 2003

"ftp :// benavery .co.uk has nothing to do with uploading files to create your website. This is an address for a folder normally called PUBLIC_FTP where you store files for other people to download and even for people to upload to.

TO upload your web pages, you should have been given a username and password, which you can use through a FTP programme there a few good ones, the one I use is from Ipswitch.com the free version called WS_FTP Lite download click here

Although you have registered your domain, you will probably have to wait for 24- 48 hours for the domain name to propagate around the web. Until then you will have to use an alternative URL to access your website that should have been given to you, either as a number form or the sever path such as server1.hosingcomapny/blahblahblah/accounts/your site.

HOWEVER you say that your hosting company have some sort of transfer via their control panel, if you are able to access all this then you shouldn’t have to mess about with the above. This Control Panel should be rather straight forward to use, giving you a directory of your web space, with a form or, a button to access a form, where you can browse your hard disk, select files you want then upload.

You will have to find out which folder to save to for web access, as some companies give you a “out of webspace” root directory, in which is a folder called PUBLIC_HTML or similar which is your website root directory, therefore saving any files outside the PUBLIC_HTML folder will not be seen by anyone.

There should be a help section to tell you how to do this, particularly if its their own in house written control panel. I hope you have contacted your hosting company support over this? Certainly This is something your hosting company should be bending over backwards to help you with!

I am biting my tongue hard and lost the will to stop myself from typing this and just have to say that my preference for web hosting as i mentioned in other posting, is just about the best there is for setting up and helping with the set up etc, and I doubt that you would be posting here now if you were with them ..! oh by the way I am not working for them, on any commission or have shares for them lol

Having said that any problems then you can always post here again!

Hope this is of help and looking forward to hearing how you get on!

  Sir Radfordin 12:05 12 Nov 2003

Have a look at these FAQs

click here

click here

click here

Using WS_FTP with Oneandone: click here

click here

Using Dreamewaver for publish to OneandOne click here

  Ben Avery 12:40 12 Nov 2003

Herein lies the problem - everyone keeps talking about an "Accounts" section. I don't have it!

I log on using my domain name (benavery.co.uk) and my password.

I'm directed to the domain overview page where I'm told my account number (7 digits) and last log in time.

At the bottom is this:

These packages are configuarble:


Contract Contract Number

1. Starters (link) (7 digits)

benavery.co.uk" Ready Additional Domain


I click on "Starters" and I'm taken to the Control Panel.

I have the following buttons down the left:

"email management"

"domain management"


"upgrade your package"



I click on "homepage" and I'm taken to the "Homepage Configuration Menu" with the following options:

"Website Creator"

"Access Statistics"

I click on "Access Statistics" and I'm given a username and password, neither of which seem to work in dreamweavers FTP!

Yet, at no time has there been an "Accounts" option!

Where should it be?


  Ben Avery 12:44 12 Nov 2003

for all those who continue to take their time to help.

It's very kind of you!


  Ben Avery 12:46 12 Nov 2003

I have also now tried to set up my domain as a forwarding domain to my original site click here just to test the domain out and it comes up as not found.

Could this be linked?


  Sir Radfordin 13:06 12 Nov 2003

Ben, have you got the STARTERS package or the HOME package?

From what I can see the STARTERS package doesn't have FTP acess - you have to use the 1&1 website creator. The basic HOME package (£4.99pm) is the one you need for FTP acess.

If you go to the control panel and check "upgrade your account" and one of the options is to go up to HOME then I would be inclinded to think you've bought the wrong one (which shouldn't be a problem as they have a 60day mony back guarantee.)

I would check with their support first though - they always reply to emails!!!

Your domain hasn't hasn't been replicated throughout the world yet so people won't be able to find it. This can take a while (up to 48 hours).

  Ben Avery 13:22 12 Nov 2003

Does that mean that on this package I can't upload my Dreamweaver site, only those created on the 1&1 software?

Seems a bit silly!


  Talented Monkey 13:25 12 Nov 2003

ouch £60 per month for fulll access.... well for a small home page that dosnt require much space etc i would be inclined to cancel the account and transfer to someone cheaper you should not have to pay no more than £35 a year and charging extra to use FTP is a rip off,

Only restricting to using thier own webpage editor if it was free hosting would be fine but its not. if you are paying then your should be able to use FTP programmes regardless of how small a package you have.

Anyone else reading this, good readon why you should check quite a number of companies before you sign up. Unless money is no object and you dont mind that they dont have certain features.

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