Uploading music

  Maurellis 21:21 11 Jan 2005

Hi everybody,
How do I upload my own music recordings to my site and allow people to download it? Do I need special software?

  LeadingMNMs 21:30 11 Jan 2005

Upload the files using an FTP client, just like you would a normal webpage (well not always). On your webpage create a link to the particular file, just like you would link to another page.

Depending on a users configuration the file will either be downloaded or played when the link is click.

  User-312386 21:30 11 Jan 2005

it really depends on who your ISP is

  JIM 21:35 11 Jan 2005

About shared music
If your computer is connected to any other computers over a local network (and in the same subnet), and you are using iTunes 4.5 or later, you can share the music in your library and playlists with up to five of those computers. You choose the items you share in the Sharing pane of iTunes preferences.

You can also set your iTunes preferences to look for shared music. Once you do, any shared music that's available on your network appears in your iTunes Source list.

When you play a shared song, it's streamed over the network to your computer. You can listen to it, but you can't add it to your library or playlists, transfer it to an iPod, or burn it on a CD. You can tell if a song is shared by selecting the song and choosing File > Get Info. If the Kind is "remote" (in the Summary pane), it's a shared file.

You can share spoken word content that you purchase from the iTunes Music Store, but you can't share Audible spoken word content downloaded from Audible.com, or QuickTime sound files. Sharing is intended for personal use only.

Note: If any shared music was purchased from the iTunes Music Store, you can only authorize five computers to play those music purchases.

You can also share a playlist with friends by publishing it as an iMix on the iTunes Music Store. Visitors to the Music Store will be able to see the songs listed in your playlist and play a song preview for any track in your playlist that's also available on the iTunes Music Store.

  Maurellis 22:35 11 Jan 2005

But how do I make the track from a floppy - created on a kEYBOARD - into a file to place onto my web page?

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