uploading Digivideo files.

  jack 14:34 13 Jan 2005

A friend has offered to loan me his his Digi-Video
to take on a trip with me.
He uploads the tapes into his machine by Firewire and PCI card.
I dont have this, and it would seem uneconomic to set up for a one off.
So If I get him to upload on his machine and then to burn onto a CD or I trot around hisplace with my expernal HDD, can i then edit those files from a disc source?
Or are they only edited from a 'running tape?

  john-232317 17:25 13 Jan 2005

They have to be captured in an editing program which he must have on his PC. Ask him if he can show you how to do it when you have got your film ready. If he is lending you the camcorder i`m sure he wont mind helping with the rest.

  jack 19:59 13 Jan 2005

Thanx for your response, I negletcted to say I do have a selection of video editor progs to play with.
It is simply getting the files into my machine.
Is there a 'disk' route?

  john-232317 20:25 13 Jan 2005

If he puts them on a DVD for you and you have a DVD burner to re burn it, you can capture them into the editing program from the disc in that. You can edit it as you like then burn it to DVD, but it will be better qaulity if its only burnt once. I expect you could also do it VCD way in CDR, but not as good quality.

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