Uploading data to our website

  [DELETED] 15:31 09 Aug 2009

Hello - we are creating a list-based website and are wondering what the best software is to use to input the basic data before we upload it through Dreamweaver onto the site. Excel? Access? Any help would be much appreciated - thank you

  Forum Editor 19:24 12 Aug 2009

include a MySQL database? It probably does, and you can populate it with data fairly easily by using say, and Excel csv file, and the tools provided in MySQL.

You can certainly use Access as well, and use its data connection facility to get the data into MySQL.

A lot depends on your level of expertise, and on what form the data will take.

  [DELETED] 19:44 12 Aug 2009

Expertise - pretty basic! We are having a look at it now - the listings will be linked into 3rd party websites... does that influence the way we go?

  OTT_Buzzard 17:07 13 Aug 2009

The way you put data ino the database doesn't affect the way that it exits...for example to a 3rd party website. Just be careful about who can access the database without your permission.

Depending on the interface you have with your mySQL database-to-be, you could well be able to manually enter the list(s). If not, it's possible to create a link between an access database / excel spreadsheet and the mySQL database. You'll need to learn a few tips and tricks, but I suspect that's inevitable if you haven't done anything similar before.

  [DELETED] 08:13 14 Aug 2009

Any, and all, help is much appreciated!
I am happy using excel, so this is probably the preferred route. Just need to work through the actual process. Thanks

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