uploading attachments

  daisy2bell 22:36 02 Feb 2007

I'm trying to upload some email attachments ( using AOL)

Apparently AOL is having technical problems at the moment, so nothing is going through.

They say the limit for uploading is 16MB.

My two files are 9.6 KB and 38.2 KB
How does this equate to the 16MB they quote.In other words are my two files (individualy) less than 16MB.

  Technotiger 22:37 02 Feb 2007

Hi, your two files are just a drop-in-the-ocean of 16MB.

  Nuisance24 22:39 02 Feb 2007

Yes they are smaller than 16mb,

  Technotiger 22:39 02 Feb 2007

ps - 1024 Kbs = 1 Mb

  GrumpyJ 08:31 03 Feb 2007

THanks for that guys.

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