Upload speed much faster than download speed

  Rupiebaby 23:45 05 Jun 2017

I have had a problem for some time with my internet connection. I get timeout messages from Google or other sites and from the email server regarding downloading emails. Speed tests (various tools used) are consistently showing download speeds just a third to a fifth of upload speeds (Yes I have got that the right way round) on an ADSL 'broadband' connection (i.e. copper wire all the way to the exchange). everything I have read says download is always (or should that be usually) faster than upload. So what is going on with my connection? The ISP has failed to do anything to sort this out so far. Help, please!

  Forum Editor 10:04 06 Jun 2017

what sort of downstream speeds are you getting?

You say your ISP has failed to sort this out - what have they said or done?

Which router are you using?

Is your computer connected to the router via an ethernet cable, or is it connecting via WiFi?

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