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  steve263000 14:56 20 Feb 2006

Hi forum,
This is problably straight forward to most of you, but for me, it is a little unusual. I have been given 55mb of extra web space, and I thought that it would be a good place to store the thousands of digital photos that I have stored on my computer. As as back up if nothing else. I could then link from my web space and invite to view from there.

Could someone kindly point out the method of uploading, and is it worth the trouble. Time wise would it be quick for instance. I have broadband. I have uploaded via FP, but is this different?

  Forum Editor 16:33 20 Feb 2006

If they are of a reasonable quality you aren't going to get "thousands" of them into 55Mb. Most web-design software programs have facilities for adding image galleries to sites, so why don't you do that - place the images into a gallery on a web site for viewing?

You'll need to include the images in the site structure - create directories according to subject for instance. Then the images will be uploaded in the normal way - either via the web-design software you're using, or separately, via an FTP program.

  steve263000 17:21 20 Feb 2006

Thanks again FE. Most of the ones that I would want to upload would be of a fairly small size, about the size that I would save for web design. 600 x 400 pixels or so. I am starting to have a go at NOF as in a previous post, so perhaps I should just use there photo page facility and upload from there. What sort of amount would I get for 55mb on that size? I have obviously made a error in the amount of space that I have, or at least the use I can make of it.

  Forum Editor 17:45 20 Feb 2006

of images that might be accomodated in a given server space, because image files sizes can vary considerably.

Let's assume that your images are optimised for the web, and have an average file size of 30Kb. Some will be bigger, some may be smaller, but we'll use that as an average. On that basis you'll get around 1650 images into your available space.

  steve263000 11:59 21 Feb 2006

FE for your response. That will do for me. I had over estimated the amount I had, and of course thinking about the space I have on my camera,(256mb) and on my memory stick,(128mb) it makes sense. For some reason I had not connected the two, and had the impression that web space was bigger, which was of course wrong.

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