Upload not working over WiFi, only over LAN!

  Schcrew 14:40 15 Apr 2017

Hey! So I've run into some network problems lately (Well about a month now, maybe more). It all started, with me not being able to connect to a game server. It was only for that one game and I assumed that it was a problem with the game. But after HUGE connection issues with other games too (after ~3 weeks after the first incident(I didn't touch the game and only tested in a 2 day rhythm, if it worked again)), I started testing around. I came to the conclusion that my upload was not working AT ALL over WiFi. I tried connecting the Laptop over LAN and it worked like a charm instantly. So now my question is, how I can fix that problem. I have a FRITZBox router (I can't access the fritz.box website over WiFi either(neither over the link, nor over the IP-adress)). I tried resetting all my network drivers to the point, where I first got the Laptop in November, but with no result. The odd thing is, that the upload works in other WiFi networks except in mine. I tested it in 10 other WiFi networks (of friends and family) and it worked in ALL of them. Thank you in advance for the help. I'm curious what is wrong and if I can fix it.

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