upload n.o.f complete but not on web

  holligan 17:02 07 Nov 2003

I try to upload it publishes, then transfers

then it says file complete.

but when i type in the address its still the old site

been trying for a week now still cant do it.

  MichelleC 17:36 07 Nov 2003

FP has a habit of telling porky pies when publishing, so other progs may too. If the username or password are incorrect sometimes it just hangs and you get no error message.

Also the 'repair' option is quite good.

  holligan 17:48 07 Nov 2003

dont know what you mean by repair.i go have a look

  Forum Editor 22:28 07 Nov 2003

you have cleared the cache in your browser? Forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know, but............

You would be surprised at the number of times people have said the same as you, only to find that they're still seeing the previous version of the site because Internet Explorer is showing them the pages from its cache.

In Internet Explorer, type in your url, and when the page is displayed click on the 'refresh' icon. Does that help?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:24 07 Nov 2003

publish it under the same name as the old one, and to the same folder with the SAME PAGE NAMES.

If you changed any names, it will simply add them to the rest, without overwriting them.

  holligan 23:28 07 Nov 2003

ive refreshed, deleted files.Been trying for days now, just wont go.ive tried all over for advice but no luck is there a book about nof.mx. ive no printer so iam lost.

cheers FE

  holligan 23:36 07 Nov 2003

i cleared the other site i think i cant see it.on the files.i dont know what you mean by folder.page names are some the same

home contact . but i ve done some different, added more as well

  Forum Editor 09:01 08 Nov 2003

you haven't started from scratch - but you've simply added or changed pages in the original web (site) NOF will overwrite the existing pages on the server automatically. As barryoneoff.co.uk says, it's important not to change the names of the pages, or NOF will just add them to the existing site.

This is going round and round in circles, and there is a way we can get it resolved........ why don't you email me and let me have the username and password for your FTP access? That way I can take a look at the server files for you and try to locate the problem.

  Forum Editor 19:20 08 Nov 2003

has now contacted me with details of his server access, and I've taken a look. We need to do some off-forum work, and then no doubt holligan can report back with a satisfactory resolution of his problem. I can see what's causing the trouble.

More later.

  holligan 11:38 11 Nov 2003

can i upload yet.as my old site is still there.

ps, not trying to rush you,

Thank you

  Forum Editor 19:34 11 Nov 2003

I've been rushed off my feet since Saturday. I'll be sorting out your server files within 24 hours.

By the way, it's better to email me if you want to attract my attention - click the link in the top left hand corner of this page.

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