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upload facebook video to cloud

  conrail 10:43 30 Dec 2017

I have been sent videos on facebook of granddaughter, (aged 1), taken with samsung phone, I can click on the link and use New, Shortcut, everything is fine but when I try to upload it to cloud storage, I use Hubic, it tells me I don't have permission and to contact the owner, how can I get around this? I have owners, (sons), permission, all help and advice appreciated

  conrail 18:19 30 Dec 2017

thank you rdave13, you have been a great help, have a very happy 2017

  Govan1x 20:28 31 Dec 2017

Now I managed to save a you tube video that I had posted on Facebook and managed to save it to facebook.

Not sure how long it is likely to last on there mind you.And cant quite remember how I did it, But it is on the list on the left hand side under saved.

  Govan1x 21:52 31 Dec 2017


I thought I was but now unsure.

I just thought instead of saving it to Cloud he could save it to Facebook. But like I said not sure how long it lasts on there as I have just tried it to see.

On a normal post it does not last long.

  conrail 09:43 01 Jan 2018

hope you managed to stay up rdave13, I did, out last night but my role, decided by the boss, she who must be obeyed, was designated driver, apparently I volunteered, hope you, and you, Govan1x, had a great time and have a wonderful 2018, and many thanks for all the help and advice you have given me, and others over the years, Happy New Year

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