Upgrading/rebuilding my 7 year old PC.

  Jebster 23:57 05 Oct 2013

Hey guys,

Like the title says I want to upgrade my gaming rig that I built myself 7-8 years ago.

What it's got:

Power 550W max.

Nvidia geforce 9800 GTX+. (newest thing in there)

Processor model is unknown. (probably single or duo core at best)

Not sure on motherboard as its facing away from me.

2GB RAM - really old.

I basically want a budget PC that will play most new games on around medium graphics. Currently I'm hitting a bottleneck with my processor because its so old when playing planetside 2 so that needs a big upgrade. The motherboard will probably need an upgrade too, so will the RAM.

Can you guys suggest any good cost effective upgrades that will last a few years? My budget is around £200. Will I also need to get a new power block? I don't use any overclocking or anything like that.

Cheers guys, just lemme know if you need any more info and I'll do my best.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 06 Oct 2013

sounds like you need to look at a motherboard bundle

  Jebster 10:53 06 Oct 2013

Thanks for the reply, Those look pretty good thanks!

Just one question though, most places I look about processors talk lots about intel processors for gaming and rarely mention AMD, is there a reason? should I fork out a bit extra for an intel one seems as I have a gaming rig?

  Jebster 11:11 06 Oct 2013

Thanks for the reply,

I just had a look at the bundle you linked and that looks pretty good for the money so i think ill probably try and save up for that one. Could i for example buy the parts separately (processor and motherboard) and then add the memory later? I should have enough money for the first 2 now and can get the memory later.

Also will my power supply be sufficient to run those components?

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