Upgrading from XP to Vista - any pitfalls?

  Red Devil 12:18 11 Dec 2007

Hi all,

OK, one of the family has bought me Vista Home Premium Upgrade for my PC for Chrimbo and have even deigned to let me have it beforehand.

Before I install it/upgrade to it are there any potential pitfalls that I should be aware of? I've run the Windows Upgrade Advisor utility and the only *potential* issues highlighted are minor compatibility issues with 4 Microsoft products, all of them PowerToys.

My main concern is that, when I installed a clean install of XP recently, it messed up the MBR of my 3 data drives and I had to use TestDisk to be able to rectify the problem.

Is anything like this a potential pitfall facing me as, while I have every confidence in TestDisk to rescue any corrupted HDs should something similar happen with Vista, I don't want to have to *rely* on it?

I have backed up all of my important and irreplaceable data - like e-mails and web pages I've designed - to a flash drive *just* in case anything bad happens with My Documents but are there any other precautions I need to take?


  anskyber 12:29 11 Dec 2007

have a nose around here click here it's quite good.

I did an upgrade from XP to Vista home Premium. it took about 45 mins with several reboots and times when you think it's stopped when it has not.

Make sure your XP is fully up to date pop in the DVd and have a cup of tea handy. it's really useful if you are connected to the internet during install, Vista will trot off (after it asks you) to get updated drivers if the are needed. there are some handy Vista sites to look at (other than here of course!)

  anskyber 12:31 11 Dec 2007
  2neat 12:38 11 Dec 2007

why not install Microsoft virtual pc 2007.
You could then install vista & have a dry run before you wipe xp. Good luck ;-)

  anskyber 12:39 11 Dec 2007

I should have added that if the install does go wrong the system rolls back to XP.

  Quiller. 12:40 11 Dec 2007

The actual update installation of Vista should take around 15mins for an average machine. The updates from the internet will take much longer:-(

I would take an image of your drive, as it stands now, before you upgrade. I would also disconnect the other drives and just leave the XP drive in.

  anskyber 14:06 11 Dec 2007

A further thought.

When I did my upgrade a program called omnipage prevented my browser from opening (IE7)

Fortunately I have a laptop so I was able to download and burn a copy of Firefox onto a cd for installing on my PC. I'm back with IE7 but having a disc or access to another computer may help you as it did for me.

  ianeon 14:16 11 Dec 2007

Just done it - XP Pro to Home Premium - no problems experienced

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