Upgrading to XP

  scan513 14:29 30 Apr 2003


I am about to upgrade to Windows XP from Windows 98 second edition, how do I go about it, and can I keep 98 as well or do I have to get rid of it.

Any suggestions appreciated.

  Andsome 14:35 30 Apr 2003

From reading many threads on this site over the last year or so, I have been lead to beleive that 90% of the problems with XP appear to be from upgrades. I have not heard of many problems with XP on new machines with up to date hardware. You need specific advice regarding the spec of your computer and all it's drivers etc. I have had NO bother at all with a brand new machine with XP home and SP1. I would wait for all the advice and consider it carefully before going from the frying pan into the fire.

  MartinT-B 14:38 30 Apr 2003

If you buy an upgrade you can still do a clean install I believe.

I've read here before that XP just asks you to inderst the Original 98 disk to check it's valid, but only installs from the XP disk.

I would back-up ALL my files. Address Book, OE folders, Favourites, Passwords etc. etc. You can save templates from MS Office and Lotus in addtion to files/folders too.

Save it all. Then install the XP disk and it should give you the otion to format the C drive before you install. PERSONALLY (and you may choose not to) I'd do that.

Obviously you'll need to re-install all your programs, get updates (Windows and Virus etc.).

Before you start, check you have copies of all teh programs, that you have backed up and that you have a note of your Pop3 mail etc.

Then go away for an hour or 6. Come back and re-check. It's surprising what you suddenly remember!

Another poster will be able to confirm the XP upgrade situation before you go ahead.


  TimC 14:56 30 Apr 2003

If you can afford it, why not get a new Hard Disk, and install to that? Gives you an easy roll-back option, and means you can retreive all those vital bits of info!

Once everything is okay, you can then configure the old drive as a slave?

  Taurus 17:18 30 Apr 2003

As you mention the fact that you would like to keep Win 98, then TimC's advice is sound. You could of course partition your existing drive and install XP on a seperate partition. You MUST do one or the other of the above to run both OS's on one machine.

I did exactly that, using Partition Magic and it worked fine. Didn't keep it for long though. XP is a delight and I soon found that 98 had become redundant.

You CAN do a clean install from an upgrade disk. The Install Manager gives you the option of upgrading or doing a new install. Would recomend the former.

Good advice too, is as Martin T-B says, copy everything down you might need. (and anything you think you might not) :-}

  Taurus 17:22 30 Apr 2003

Sorry, should have said I recomend the FORMER, that is, choose to do a new install of XP.

  VoG™ 17:34 30 Apr 2003

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  malgall 19:15 30 Apr 2003

had windows 98 but decided to start a new
and install win xp from scratch install
easy and my system is stable
in fact better than its ever been
considering i have used windows 3.1,95 and 98
thats great

  muddle 19:30 30 Apr 2003

It's dead easy to use the upgrade edition for a clean install, all you have to do is pop the Win 98 CD in when prompted it takes a look (for about 2 seconds) then spits it out again.

Worked for me!

But I can definately say make sure you have good (working) back ups of program files! I made the mistake of not checking if I had backed everything up successfully.....then i reformatted.....

nuff said!

  Peverelli 19:36 30 Apr 2003

I upgraded from W98 (first edition) & the installation went through with no problems. Have had a few minor problems since but that is probably due to me not being as fully conversant with XP as I was with W98. XP gives you the option to go back to W98 later if you want to but having got used to XP, I really see no need to do so.

  Jomi 19:58 30 Apr 2003

I upgaded in the way TimC says, ie bought a new hard drive and installed xp on that, unfortunately this was AFTER trying the upgrade from ME. I spent hours formatting and reformatting without success. At that time I thought I had to upgrade from ME so I kept reinstalling that and then trying to upgrade....wish I'd known you could do a clean install!!
I ended up taking it back to shop and getting my money back.

The install on a new hard drive went like clockwork. Definitely wouldn't go back to ME.

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