Upgrading to XP

  Chissy 16:24 22 Nov 2006

Thanks to VoG last week, I was able to remove some malware from my elderly neighbours PC. I tried to get her the latest Microsoft updates and couldn't, the error being an invalid copy of Windows.

I'm fairly sure she has Windows XP Professional (apparently put on by a dodgy bod some time ago) She has just bought an upgrade to XP Home Edition, thinking this will give her a valid copy of Windows and she'll be able to get all the security updates/Windows Defender etc.

She wants me to do the upgrade for her but I'm not sure if this is going to solve her problem.

Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions please? Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:26 22 Nov 2006

You will need a qualifying disk such as 98, Me or 2000. The upgrade disk will need it to be put in during the install process.

  Chissy 16:30 22 Nov 2006

I have my old ME disc from my previous Dell PC, do you think that will work perhaps? It is a reinstallion CD.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 22 Nov 2006

Probably but I can;t be sure. Also I am not sure that it will qualify for your friend's PC.

  Kate B 16:49 22 Nov 2006

If it's a full copy of ME and it's not running on any other PC it will be fine, but if it's a restore CD, then no, it won't work - it will be tailored for the PC it came with, with all the drivers and stuff.

  Chissy 16:51 22 Nov 2006

I know Diodorus, it is all a bit vague at the moment. I wish she had not jumped in and bought the upgrade disc, I'm guessing that because she has opened it she will not be able to get a refund.

Thanks for your input, maybe someone else has some thoughts too perhaps?

  Smiler 16:56 22 Nov 2006

Once you've broken the seal I would say that the chances of refund are nil :-(
Haven't you got an install disc for 95 or 98 lying around anywhere?

  Chissy 16:58 22 Nov 2006

Thanks Kate B for your posting. I have just checked the disc I have. It has a sticker on "The enclosed CD contains a complete version of your operating system software" However on the disc itself it says "Only use this CD to reinstall the OS on a Dell computer"

I don't use ME anymore. If I cannot get the upgrade disc to work, I'm tempted to do a full reformat, put on ME, then do the upgrade. However if the ME doesn't work then I'm really in a pickle without any OS for her!!

A tough call but I'd like to at least try something for her if she has bought the upgrade and cannot get her money back.

  Chissy 17:03 22 Nov 2006

Hi Smiler, thanks for your input too, you are all great for coming up with suggestions!

I do have a 95 disc but the upgrade box says only for users of 98, 98SE and ME, would that scupper this route?

  James. 17:13 22 Nov 2006

I dont think the ME disc you have will work, as I'm sure it will look for Dell specific files or BIOS. Can you beg/borrow a Win98/ME disc from a friend for the purposes of the upgrade. You're right in thinking Win 95 will not work as this is not a valid upgrade to XP path.

  Kate B 17:14 22 Nov 2006

Sounds as though your ME disc is a restore disc, then, and it won't work. I wonder if any other forum member has an old install disc of 98 hanging around?

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