Upgrading to XP

  chub_tor 14:34 14 Feb 2004

I am currently running a Celeron 1.7GHz Processor, Sapphire 9000 Graphics and have 512Mb PC2100 DDR RAM and my operating system is Windows Me
I have bought the Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade and am trying to decide if I should choose the simple option of upgrading over the top of Me or wiping my 60Gb hard drive and installing XP on a clean drive.
Any recommendations from people who have done either of these would be welcome.

  Elrond 14:44 14 Feb 2004

If you can I would do a clean hard drive install. That way everything should nice and smooth cos there's no debris left on the HDD to clog things up. I personally installed over the top but thats because i'm too lazy to reinstall everything. Just make sure you back up important files

  chub_tor 14:51 14 Feb 2004

Elrond, I'm lazy too and would like to take the easy option. Have you encountered any problems by not doing a clean install?

  Elrond 14:56 14 Feb 2004

I dont think so, but then again I've never done a clean install onto a blank HDD so I couldnt really say if i'm missing out on anything. But as I say, I would assume that doing a clean install would probably give you a bit better performance than doing it over the top. I'm sure more people will reply and let you know.

  gaz800 16:35 14 Feb 2004

upgrading is not a clean way to install and it can lead to problems with recognising some of the drivers. a formatted drive is best, but in saying that try an upgrade and if you get problems then format and go for a clean build

  anon1 19:04 14 Feb 2004

forgive me if I am wrong but you cannot clean install an upgrade. It has to "upgrade" an already installed os

  leo49 19:08 14 Feb 2004

You're forgiven,but don't let it happen again. :o)

Of course you can do a clean install with an upgrade disc, as long as youy have a qualifying upgrade product.

click here

  anon1 19:19 14 Feb 2004

Yes leo but if you have a formatted disk where is the qualifying product?

  leo49 19:39 14 Feb 2004

On the CD in your hand - ie windows will ask you to slip your 98se or 2k disc into the drive for verification.

  leo49 19:41 14 Feb 2004

And obviously if you've got 98 or ME on your HDD,you bung in the XP disc,it recognises that you qualify,THEN formats and installs.

  leo49 19:45 14 Feb 2004

click here

See Para 7 for confirmation regarding inserting qualifying media.

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