Upgrading WXP ome to Pro problem.

  herbyeel 09:38 28 Jun 2006

Hi everyone I recently bought a new laptop with WXP home installed. 2 years ago I purchased a XP Pro disk (To upgrade a laptop I had, since discarded) When I have tried to upgrade my new laptop I recieve the following message "Unable to install as you have a newer version of windows already installed" but in fact my edition is XP home. Does this mean that My pro upgrade disc is defunct. Im not very technically minded so maybe Im missing the obvious. Any suggestions or expl. Regards Herby.

  Zaphod 3 09:55 28 Jun 2006

Could the laptop have Service Pack 2 installed?

  levyo1 10:33 28 Jun 2006

hi i had the same problem with my system,what you have to do is uninstall your service pack 2.Then your system will let you upgrade as your new disc will be newer.

  €dstowe 10:43 28 Jun 2006

Unless you have compelling security reasons for installing XP Pro, I would leave things alone.

There are few, if any advantages to the average user for XP Pro and, if your version is older than the one already installed, there are decided difficulties in installing the Pro version - as you are finding out.

  ventanas 10:44 28 Jun 2006

I still can't see why you shouldn't be able to boot with the upgrade disc, format the drive and install Pro, instead of trying to go over the top. You will of course need to download and install the the critical updates issued since you bought the upgrade disc, which could take quite a while.

Also make sure you have all your driver installation files backed up away from the laptop. Chipset, graphics, audio etc. Check out what they are, download the latest versions and put them on more than one CD, or a pen drive.

  herbyeel 12:04 28 Jun 2006

Thanks everyone for rapid response,Dont want any probs so Im going to stick with my home edition I think I bought the upgrade on advice from PC world that it was more stable, but I may have been victim of marketing hype. Regds to all Herby.

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