Upgrading from Windows98SE to XP

  Pip58 21:34 27 Sep 2005

I would like to update my pc to XP but have had so much advice (all different!) my head is spinning! I have been given an XP cd but have warned by another friend not to use it. Most say buy a new computer - I would if I could - is the answer to that! Any helpful tips would be appreciated please. Thanks

  VoG II 21:38 27 Sep 2005

Run click here first.

What are your PC's specifications - RAM and processor - click here to find out.

  De Marcus™ 21:42 27 Sep 2005

The upgrade path is a simple one. When you insert the xp cd you should be given the option to do generate a compatibility report (or something like that) which will tell you what will need your attention prior to an xp install. This might include things such as an old scanner needing newer drivers, etc. The plus side is hardware is cheap enough to replace on a whim these days and when you install xp you get the option of doing so as an upgrade, which means your files, programs and settings are kept.

Just one question: why would your friend advise not to do it? Is the xp cd a dodgy one?

  woodchip 22:06 27 Sep 2005

If you know your way round 98 and it does all you want. Why do you want to upgrade? My main Computer is Win98se and only wished it supported USB2 and I would ditch XP on my other Desktop and Laptop

  Pip58 22:07 27 Sep 2005

Hi De Marcus

Thanks for your advice. As far as I know the xp cd is genuine. The friend who advised me not to use it has a "suspicious" nature. My concern about using the xp cd is that I don't want to corrupt my computer if its is unable to be upgraded. Does that make sense - I am rather "green" when it comes to computers!

  De Marcus™ 22:12 27 Sep 2005

Follow VoG™'s link and it will tell you all you need to know with regards upgrading to xp.

By corrupting do you mean you don't want to lose data, files, word documents, etc?

  De Marcus™ 22:15 27 Sep 2005

If the upgrade advisor download is to large for you to download, try inserting the xp disk, a screen will pop up with some options, the one you need to choose will be 'check system compatibility'.

  dan11 22:25 27 Sep 2005

If the system is good enough to run XP.

Then you do have a get out clause.

When you insert the windows XP disk, on your 98 desktop. You will get the option for a new installation or an upgrade. If you take the upgrade option, then windows 98 and all the files and settings will be saved.

If for any reason windows XP is unsuitable for your computer, you would just have to go to add and remove programmes and pick " uninstall windows XP " This would take the computer back to the same state as when you were running windows 98.

  josie mayhem 22:27 27 Sep 2005

My biggest corcern would be has the computer got enough memory to run xp, I'm assuming that if win98 is loaded on your computer, that it is likley to be an older computer.

XP, needs a mim of 128mb of memory to run, and largeage hard drive, more than 10g (another concern)it is a lot more happier running on 512mb of memory.

I will say sorry at this point if my assumptions are wrong, and you've just kept to a much loved OS.

  dan11 22:31 27 Sep 2005

" If you take the upgrade option, then windows 98 and all the files and settings will be saved"

You must, of course, take that option when asked.:-)

  Pip58 22:45 27 Sep 2005

Thanks to all of you who have answered my questions. I think for the interim I will stay with 98SE - it works perfectly and I know my way around it - well almost anyway! Best wishes and thanks once again.


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