Upgrading Windows95 to 98

  Eileanbeag 16:23 04 Feb 2004

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 98 without uninstalling 95 - hopefully just installing the updates since 95?

  Diemmess 16:32 04 Feb 2004

Doubt if updates will do anything...... 98 or better still 98SE, was a serious new system.

You may be able to upgrade with a suitable CD but I would bite the bullet and start with a clean disk and new installation to avoid sneaky bits of trouble coming later.

  Eileanbeag 16:33 04 Feb 2004

Many thanks - thought that mioght be it!

  LastChip 16:39 04 Feb 2004

Just run the Win 98 CD and it will write over '95.

Whilst you have a working system, it would be as well to get a Win98 startup floppy disc. If you don't have one, click here and select the one you want.

  Eileanbeag 16:51 04 Feb 2004

Great - will try that - many thanks

  Eileanbeag 16:52 04 Feb 2004

Do I do that from the Start/Run/Windows 98?

  LastChip 17:11 04 Feb 2004

You can't install a new operating system from within an existing Windows environment.

You boot from the floppy disc I mentioned above, when you get to a menu, select "Boot with CD ROM Support". Now you will end up at a DOS prompt (A:\). You need to change the letter of the prompt to your CD drive and put your WIN98 CD in.

This is the part that causes most hassle to people. Whilst all the previous has been going on, the setup program has created a virtual drive. This is temporary, but will have the effect of moving your normal CD Drive letter one place forward, so if is normally D:, it will become E:. So at the prompt, if it has become E: just type;

E: [enter]

and the prompt will change to E:. (Substitute whatever letter is required). Now at the prompt type;

setup [enter]

and Windows will start it's installation process.

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