upgrading to windows XP

  peg leg 15:41 31 Jan 2005

Hello everyone.

I have an aging computer that I would really like to replace but finances dictate, so for now it is not to be.

I have looked on ebay and there are several windows os upgrade discs to upgrade from windows 98 to se,me,2000 and also windows xp!

What I would like to know is..would my low spec pc running windows 98 be good enough to upgrade to say windows xp or 2000?

My computers specs are..AMD K6-2 running at 366mgz with a hard drive of 3.2gb.

I would be grateful for any advice as to how far I could improve this pc.

Thanks in advance.


  Kegger 15:48 31 Jan 2005

Hi Peg Leg, XP will install.. Just. However i wouldn't recommend upgrade on your PC.

you need really a better CPU a Much bigger hard drive, and as much memory as you can afford and that is just for running win XP it loves to hog resources.

keep looking at ebay and you will find some good deals for PC's

  TomJerry 15:49 31 Jan 2005

(1) the spec is not up to it. If you can spend around £150, you can get a very good 2nd hand one

(2) you cannot sure if you can get "legal" copy from Ebay, this is extreamely important for XP, becuase XP needed to be activated with Microsoft after installtion, otherwise you can only use for 30 days. do not pay for software whose legality is not proven

  Djohn 15:57 31 Jan 2005

Your current specs are a bit on the low side for the successful install then running of XP.

Although you can get away with a lower spec than the one I suggest, I would take this as a realistic starting point. CPU 500 Mg. Hard drive of at least 10 Gb and 500 Mg of RAM.

Can you let us know the make/model of your motherboard please and someone will advise if it can take a higher spec CPU plus memory.

  peg leg 16:17 31 Jan 2005

Thanks for your replies guys.

As I suspected it looks like I have to keep the abacus board for a while longer.


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