Upgrading Windows ME to XP Pro

  me00rjb 16:50 25 Nov 2004

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade Windows ME to XP Pro, using a clean install? Microsoft tell me that you have to install XP over ME, however I want to install XP onto a clean hard drive. The reason for my concern is when I upgraded another computer to XP from 98SE, I started with a clear drive and was simply asked by XP upgrade for the previous OS disk / CD key (can't remember which). Miscrosft tell me that I could not have done this. Well I have and it's still working so are they telling porkies?! The final complication is that the ME version in question is an OEM version supplied with the recovery disk rather than a full version. Has anybody out there successfully upgraded such an installation of ME to XP Pro or am I going to have to buy the upgrade and find out for myself??

  recap 16:54 25 Nov 2004

From my own personal experience of upgrading it can cause more problems than it solves. If ever I want to install a new operating system I always go for a clean install with the full version and not an upgrade version. But like I said "My personal experience".

  me00rjb 16:58 25 Nov 2004

My point exactly! However I was under the impression that the upgrade version was exactly the same as the full version, but with the requirement that you had to 'prove' to it you owned a previous OS. Maybe this isn't the case and I should fork out for the full version and not the upgrade...

  ventanas 17:24 25 Nov 2004

Many recovery discs are simply an image of the original installation. It is this image that is copied to your hard drive to restore to factory settings. If you have one of these I fear you will have to go over the top of ME. If its a proper Windows installation CD (OEM or not) then you can use it as verification during a clean install.

I'm going to test something in a few weeks. I have one XP Pro installtion which is an "over the top" from Win98. I'm going to reformat and reinstall XP. I don't think it will ask for upgrade verification because an existing XP installation will be detected. If you just have one of the image recovery discs this may be worth a try. A bit long winded beause it means installing XP twice, but I think it will work, and give you a clean install.

  flyer 22:36 25 Nov 2004

I seem to remember reading that you cant put xp over me, its on the microsoft site some where!

  flyer 22:45 25 Nov 2004

oops, that was Win 2000 sorry!

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