upgrading Windows 98 drivers

  ikle_pixie 22:18 08 Jan 2005

I've just reinstalled windows 98 SE onto my boyfriends pc. But a few of the drivers are missing. It says the multimedia device and communication device drivers are missing. Plus the Video card needs updating. Is there any way of updating these? The AGP card looks like its generic or something. I tried to update it to 2000 but they also couldn't update the drivers. It has no internet connection. The pc has 128Mb, which operating system. Which OS will work properly with this? How do i find out what make the motherboard is? It has a vIA chipset on it?

It's so frustrating!!

  Totally-braindead 22:22 08 Jan 2005

Try this click here

  ikle_pixie 22:42 08 Jan 2005

will try that...thanks!

  ikle_pixie 23:24 08 Jan 2005

well the motherboard comes up as a 693-686 and the vga card is a standard pci graphics adapter...help anyone?

  ikle_pixie 23:30 08 Jan 2005

bios is award

  woodchip 23:33 08 Jan 2005

As he got a Motherboard CD as drivers may be on that

  woodchip 23:37 08 Jan 2005

If you know what motherboard from above link you can download from the Motherboard site

  Totally-braindead 23:51 08 Jan 2005

Regarding the graphics card the driver installed is one of the standard Win 98 ones it loads when it doesn't know which one to load. The multimedia device could be the sound card. If you have sound already then it and the communication device could be a modem if theres one fitted. Are you sure thats the actual name of the motherboard? Do you, as woodchip has suggested have any disks for it, namely something for the graphics card and one for the motherboard?

  ikle_pixie 23:53 08 Jan 2005

well, it could be via VT82C692BX? I have no sound. It's intergrated into the motherboard, thats why i thought the motherboard drivers would help. i've asked him to look for disks.

  Totally-braindead 23:58 08 Jan 2005

Right I'm finding loads of references to the drivers for the motherboard click here= all you have to do is go to one of the links, download the motherboard drivers and install them.

  Totally-braindead 23:59 08 Jan 2005

The computers not a Dell or a Gateway is it?

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