upgrading from windows 95 to windows xp profession

  la44 13:58 10 Aug 2003

i have got windows 95 on my computer and would like somebody to explain to me how we upgrade to windows xp professional. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  graham√ 14:04 10 Aug 2003

Please tell us the details of the computer, hard drive capacity, CPU, anything else to hand. If it is an original '95, don't hold your breath about installing XP!

  sil_ver 14:07 10 Aug 2003

Set BIOS to boot from CD, stick XP CD in and reboot, follow prompts. I'm assuming your PC has a CD-ROM. To be honest it's better to do a clean install of XP rather than an upgrade. Before doing anything you MUST check that your present hard/software is compatible with XP and also that the spec of your PC is OK ie 128MB RAM at least otherwise it will be slooooow.

  Terrahawk 14:08 10 Aug 2003

i may be wrong but i dont think you can get an upgrade disk from win 95 to xp you would have to purchase a full version of xp and do a clean install also baring in mind you are using win 95 would your machine meet the system requirements for xp

  VoG II 14:09 10 Aug 2003

XP upgrade disk will only upgrade from 98 or ME according to the side of my box.

  sil_ver 14:17 10 Aug 2003

I think the upgrade XP is the same as the full version. it will ask for your present O/S key to upgrade.

  VoG II 14:21 10 Aug 2003
  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:25 10 Aug 2003

It is fairly unlikely that a computer running W95 will have the power to take on board XP as it is rather resource hungry. If you just use your computer for word processing and surfing the Net you will not notice much difference between XP and W95. There is an online compatibility test for computers at click here.

There is also a good chance that any peripherals (scanner, printer etc.) will not have the required drivers so new ones will need to be purchased.

Personally I would consider buying a new computer for around £500..click here for instance, if you feel that you need XP.


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