Upgrading to Windows 7

  xania 14:40 01 Aug 2011

I've decided to take the plunge and upgrade from XP Pro to Windows 7 Home Premium. However, not altogether - I still want access to XP for those little niggles (like no drivers available) so -

  1. should I simply install Windows 7 in a new partition (my partitions are split over 2 drives so I CAN set it up as the primary partition on drive 2)
  2. as 1 but install 7 as a second primary partition on disk 1
  3. should I move XP to the primary partition on drive 2 and install Windows 7 as the primary partition on drive 1
  4. as 3 but move XP to a second primary partition on disk 1.

I'm assuming that Windows 7 will set up the options screen on boot-up in the same way that XP does?

Incidentially, I have noticed that my PC works perfectly well with an operating system (XP or even 98) in a secondary logical partition, so does this parimary partition issue matter in any case?

NB I don't want to have to reinstall XP but can easily move it using one of my partition managers

  xania 14:01 02 Aug 2011

Thank you for this. VHD is not part of my plan for the present - I think I'll wait until the price drops a bit more.

  xania 15:05 06 Aug 2011

Forgot to ask. Should the w7 partition be a second primary on the HDD, a primary on the second HDD, or doesn't it matter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 06 Aug 2011

Read here on how to Dual boot windows 7 with your existing XP

  john bunyan 15:50 06 Aug 2011

About 18 months ago I ran a dual boot system with XP and W7 Ultimate. I soon ditched XP and have had no problems since.

  xania 13:15 15 Aug 2011


I suspect I will be doing the same, but I do know I have some hardware where no W7 drivers are available so I want the best of both worlds for the present.

  xania 13:18 15 Aug 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Thank you very much for finding this. I will read and follow.

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