Upgrading Win 98 to XP....help

  Hels 15:54 19 Jun 2003

Tried to upgrade my friends computer from Win 98 to XP Pro but ran into some problems...... Was advised to format the hard drive and go for a clean install. Have done just that but have run into the same problem as before......help!!!
Have now re-installed 98 and then tried to upgrade again....same problem.
The installation of XP goes through the first stages no problem, when it is time for it to re-boot for the very first time (during set up) it shuts down,then the Windows XP screen appears, nothing happens for about a minute or so...then the screen goes blank....nothing!
I've tried re-booting and I don't know if it has anything to do with the problem but it does say 'invalid disk' on start up and you have to press any key to carry on. Anyone have any suggestions???

  woodchip 16:06 19 Jun 2003

Try restart without the XP disc in to see what you get

  Philip2 16:12 19 Jun 2003

Are you using an upgrade disk? You said you formated the drive so to reinstall XP you would require the full version.
You haven't left a floppy in the drive by any chance???

  Hels 16:19 19 Jun 2003

Tried that and I get the same problem each time.....I have noticed that while in win 98, I can't get more than '16 colours' on the display, tried updating the display driver from the win 98 set up disc but it cannot find a better driver. Just run the XP installation disc again and checked for any conflicts...none show. Just wondering if the problem is the display driver, only trouble is that I can't connect to the Net to download another one.

  Hels 16:22 19 Jun 2003

no Philip2 it's not an upgrade disc and there isn't anything in the floppy drive...

  Hels 16:43 19 Jun 2003

Been into device mananger in win 98 and found a couple of conflicts...it says that there is a problem with the Earthnet card that we installed before it was decided to upgrade....could that cause a problem....will remove it if anyone thinks I shaould....

  961 17:02 19 Jun 2003

Have you used the facility on the XP disk to analyse the hardware on your system first so that you can establish what will not work without new drivers and what will not work at all?

  Hels 17:11 19 Jun 2003

Yes 961, and there are on problems...having said that I'm unable to connect to the Net to download up to minute info.......I have tried the upgrade AGAIN and it's weird, it does the coping files to hard drive bit and then it reboots, starts up, the Windows XP Pro screen appears and then you can hear the tower click and switch off......

  John-259217 18:48 19 Jun 2003

Have you changed the BIOS setting for plug and play aware o/s?

Strange as it sounds, it should be set to "no" when installing and using XP as it can prevent the XP bootloader from accessing devices at startup.

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