Upgrading from a Voodoo 4

  SDJ 22:48 28 Mar 2003

I have a Voodoo 4 and whilst I dont play many games I am impartial to the odd flight sim here and there.
I have MS flight sim 2002 and Falcon 4, it seems pretty good if you fly at 40000ft where you cant see the ground!... no that is a slight exageration but I have never played these on a machine with an uptodate gfx card and was wondering if anyone could assure me that the expense of a new Ti4600 would give massive improvements.

I know on paper (specs) it should but I dont want to be at all disappointed after shelling out.

Cheers in advance

  Mr-C 22:58 28 Mar 2003

Depends on the rest of the system. It will give an increase but if your not into really heavy gaming a ti4200 might do just as well for a lot less dosh.

  SDJ 23:01 28 Mar 2003

sorry forgot to mention, im on an Athlon 1ghz, 1gb sdram, 1x60gb and 1x80gb HDD.

I was just thinking of furture proofing to an extent thats why the ti4600.


  Paranoid Android 23:08 28 Mar 2003

I agree - Ti4200 is a very cost effective option.
However, don't ignore the Radeon cards, some of them are quite clever.

There is no such thing as future proof. In a few years time we'll all be computing with atoms (like I do now).


  SDJ 13:21 29 Mar 2003

Thanks PA is was thinking about future proofing for the next 30 days:-)

I think I may consider a radeon, Im not one to upgrade all the time, so whats important to me is dual monitor support.

Thanks all

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