Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7

  davecartman 17:55 30 Jun 2017

My wife has an Acer laptop with Vista which is fine for her needs, but on installing Malwarebytes I realised that the real time protection against ransomeware only worked on W7 and above. I have seen adverts to the effect that it can be upgraded to W7 without a clean install and not loosing or having to reinstall files etc. As we both have limited experience in these things I would appreciate advice on how easy or not this might be and things to watch out for. Thanks in anticipation.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 30 Jun 2017

Rather than upgrade there are a few antiransomeware tools free Bitdefender and cryptoprevent

  davecartman 08:29 01 Jul 2017

Thanks Fruit Bat I will look at them as an alternative. I would still appreciate advice on upgrading if anyone has had experience of this.

  Govan1x 10:10 01 Jul 2017

The problem with upgrading is it normally asks if you want to take files or folders etc with you and that usually causes problems.

So best if you do a clean install. I installed W8 on top of Vista and it worked ok. But you may well need to download a few drivers just to get the internet to work.

And of course W7 is not free you have to buy it.

If you buy it from Microsoft it could cost a lot. So maybe Amazon or elsewhere as you would get it a lot cheaper.

I actually bought something from ebay last week and there were adds for W7 on it for £2 upwards. Whether they actually work or not I have not got a clue

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 01 Jul 2017

Up grading to 7 is really a waste of time as main stream support for 7 finished 2 years ago and extended support finishes Jan 2020.

The only thing that works against ransom ware is to have a back up of your files on a separate source not connected to the machine.

  Forum Editor 11:12 01 Jul 2017

I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\ - it's pointless upgrading to Windows 7.

  davecartman 11:28 01 Jul 2017

Thanks all for the advice which I appreciate and will take.

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