Upgrading thinkstation p500 for graphic design

  ilibrando 15:58 30 Nov 2016


I have a thinkstation p500 in the office and I need to upgrade it for a graphic designer.

They need to use design software and edit video at the same time (using two screens)

Do I need to just get a new graphics card or do i also need a video card?

Also what card should i get?

Thank you!

  Archonar 16:05 30 Nov 2016

Graphics cards and video cards are the same thing, just different names for them so you only need one new card.

As for what card you should get it depends on what your budget is (and how much space you have in the case). Let us know how much you want to spend and we can start recommending cards.

  ilibrando 16:24 30 Nov 2016

Oh fantastic! Thats one thing out the way!

So the budget is from 100 to 300 pounds

  Bris 16:44 30 Nov 2016

This is a workstation and not a PC. See here for a selection of graphics cards

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