Upgrading software or buy new

  Mmbheff 14:19 07 Nov 2012

Two laptops in family, one vista one xp, both over 5 years old but giving us various problems. Should we just bite bullet and buy one new windows 8?

Can you use windows 8 ok without paying more for touch screen? Feb up updating machines

  woodchip 16:24 07 Nov 2012

Yes it will run without touch screen, But for me I will stick with XP, even running Win98se dual boot on one Desktop

  Nontek 16:29 07 Nov 2012

What are the various problems, perhaps someone here can help!

But, if necessary I would go for Win7 rather then 8, very similar to XP and easier to get-on with.

  lotvic 19:50 07 Nov 2012

Definitely get Win7 in my opinion.

  mole1944 04:32 08 Nov 2012

Save all your data and reistall windows,that should help get rid of accumulated junk you've got over the years,you could download and run ccleaner it's well respected free and safe.

  xania 08:53 08 Nov 2012

I might be inclinded to stick with XP, but I would certainly dump Vista in favour of Win 7. IMHO Win8 could still prove to be more hype than substance and Win7 is probably the best OS MS have produced to date.

By the way, it might be worth checking to see if this or similar offer is still available


  onthelimit1 09:02 08 Nov 2012

Yes, stick with XP on the one as it may not take W7. The Vista one almost certainly will. So far most unimpressed with W8 for laptop or desktop use.

  xania 09:09 08 Nov 2012

onthelimit1 makes a good point. RUn this download on both your machines before you go any further:


  Mmbheff 12:58 08 Nov 2012

thanks, I need to get another 1gb Ram and 10 other assorted issues before I can look at Windows 7,

appears I have also lost windows installer on one machine, any ideas what to do next??

  Nontek 17:24 08 Nov 2012
  jonasmarsh621 02:18 09 Nov 2012

If it was me, I'd go for a new one if I can afford to buy one.

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