upgrading ram

  User-32BCB0E0-4488-462A-A8FA306E30D4C726 18:31 28 Nov 2008

hi, my first post, i have just bought windows vista but my memory (RAM) is only 256MB, could anyone tell me please how i can upgrade to 512MB, would appreciate it.

  mobileman1953 18:33 28 Nov 2008

you need at least 1 gig of ram preferebly 2 gig to run vista

  MAJ 18:35 28 Nov 2008

You'll need more than 512MB, you'll need at least 1GB of RAM, but 2GB would be better. Go click here and run the scanner, it will tell you the type of memory you'll need for your computer.

what would i need to do that

  citadel 18:37 28 Nov 2008

go to crucial.com and use the scan to find out what you have and what you can get.

cant seem to find my product line or model

  MAJ 18:54 28 Nov 2008

What make and model is your PC?

think i have found it, my comp is a packard bell, imedia 5077, do i need a wrist band to do this

  MAJ 19:04 28 Nov 2008

This is the memory you'll need click here but you can only go to a maximum of 1GB. That seems to be a pretty old PC, I wouldn't advise installing Vista on it. What processor is it using?

all i know really is it says intel pentium 4 if thats any help to you

  MAJ 19:14 28 Nov 2008

Partially, chris p bacon, which operating system is it using at the moment? I wouldn't go any higher than XP when you have a maximum RAM capacity of 1GB. Your on-board graphics will use some of that 1gb as well. Vista basic will run on it, but what's the point?

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