Upgrading RAM

  Forrest76 19:11 21 Jan 2008


I am looking to upgrade the RAM on my PC. It is only a year old, with a Dual Core 2 with 1.86Ghz and 1GB RAM with Windows XP.

I am looking to speed it up slightly, so am thinking upgrading the RAM would be the easiest and cheapest way to do so but have never "messed" about with the insides of a computer so could do with some pointers please!

The RAM I currently have is 2 X Swissbit 512MB PC24200U-44 and think I have figured out that a suitable RAM would be a OCZ / 4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz which seems to be reasonably priced. However, as I know very little, would somebody be able to confirm if it is any good or if I should be looking for something else. I don't really know what to look out for and standard web advice confuses me slightly so would like the advice from someone plain speaking please!

Thanks very much, any help will be very much appreciated!

  MAJ 19:15 21 Jan 2008

Run the scanner at this page click here it will tell you what memory you need. With XP 32-bit, you shouldn't go any higher than 3GB in total, it can't handle it.

  Forrest76 19:19 21 Jan 2008

Thanks for that, I've done it but was just wondering what to look for in terms of spec, i.e. how important is stuff like the "800Mhz", is a difference of a couple of hundred Mhz worth the extra cash etc?

And if I did go higher than 3GB, what would happen? Does that mean I should go for a 2GB and a 1GB card, and will the difference in sizes slow it down at all?

There's so much I don't know!

  citadel 19:23 21 Jan 2008

you only need 2g for xp, from the part number you give it is pc2 4200 you now have, if this is so you need to get the same speed as you have.

  MAJ 19:23 21 Jan 2008

lol it can get confusing, Forrest76. Let us know the make and model of your computer and post a link to the page the scanner took you to showing the memory upgrade recommended.

  Forrest76 19:30 21 Jan 2008

here's the result:

click here

so does that mean I have to buy PC2-4200U? and the highest RAM I can buy is 2GB?

  MAJ 19:33 21 Jan 2008

Highest you can ugrade to is 2GB, Forrest76, but your PC can handle the faster PC2-6400 memory. You will lose the memory you already have installed.

  DieSse 19:44 21 Jan 2008

"I am looking to speed it up slightly"

For normal, everyday running, it's unlikely that upgrading XP above 1GB will make a noticeable difference.

It may make a difference with some intensive games - and/or video processing and similar very intensive and memory hungry taks.

But depending on what you are using the system for, it's possible that other upgrades or tweaks may be better. For example faster graphics card, a less resource hungry AV program, reducing the number of background programs running, and so on.

So what is it you want to improve?

  Forrest76 19:44 21 Jan 2008

ah, ok, thanks. will save me a few pennies!

now, would you recommend actually upgrading, will the improvement in performance be noticeable?

looking at the crucial website, and on one piece or RAM, what does CL=5 mean, or should I not be worrying about stuff like that?

sorry to be a pest, I just want to make sure I get the right stuff!

  DieSse 19:46 21 Jan 2008

If your system uses dual-port RAM you have to be careful about what and how many modules you fit.

Does it?

If you don't know, let us know your motherboard make and model.

  DieSse 19:47 21 Jan 2008

Sorry - dual channel - not dual port. My mind was elsewhere.

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