upgrading RAM

  junkster 16:03 28 Nov 2006

im currently thinking about upgrading my RAM. currently i have 512mb ddr266 and i am thinking of installing another 1g along with it, the question i have might be an easy answer to you guys but to me it aint !.
my mobo supports up to ddr400 so would i be better off having a 512 ddr266 and a 1g ddr266 running together or removing the 512 ddr266 and installing a 1g ddr400 to run on its own ??

thanks for your help in advance !


  anskyber 16:06 28 Nov 2006

Run the scanner part way down on the right.click here

  keith-236785 16:15 28 Nov 2006

providing your mobo supports over 1 gig of ram then put it in as well as the 512mb, the more the merrier. try to get matched memory if possible but dont worry too much if you cant.

ddr266 memory is becoming a bit old in the tooth now, if you find that it is too expensive then consider upping your FSB to support DDR333 memory, you would maybe have to change the motherboard FSB via jumpers on the mobo to get it up to 333mhz.

only you can decide whether to stick with 266 or move upto 333, it also depends on your processor, although 333mhz memory should run at 266mhz without any trouble.

just watch if you have a 266mhz proc that you dont use DDR400, unless things have changed in the past year then they dont mix, something to do with the timings but i dont understand that bit.

good luck, ps. i can personally reccomend Crucial memory as it is one i have used.

  [email protected] 16:52 28 Nov 2006

An old chestnut this. PC's usually come with less than the mobo will support (qty) and certainly not the highest speed (to keep cost down).
Therefore, whenever once feels it's time to add more memory, the same question arises - stick with the same and add, and never let the mobo work at it's full potential, or ditch what you have and replace.
My advice but others may disagree, is simple. Max out your memory to whatever the mobo supports even if it means trying to flog the bit left over. Obviously if the max is 4Gb then think if you really need it (qty) but look at it this way. If the mobo supports it why not use it. The end will justify the means as 1Gb is appearing to be the norm these days, with 2Gb not unheard of. Not just for games but other resourse hungry applications

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