upgrading question/problem

  filthyphil 16:59 02 Jun 2006

i currently have a mobo bundle with AMD sempron 2600 on it and 80gb hdd i have just been given a mobo with a pentium 4 2.66ghz. the new mobo has the discs to go with it as it is from another pc. my question is if i change the mobo & cpu will all my data on the hdd still be available or will i have to reinstall the oem winxp that came with the upgraded mobo??? the only reason i ask is there is so much stuff my kids have on the pc at the moment i think i will need about 20 cds to transfer it across or is there an easier way???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 02 Jun 2006

Windows on the HDD will have its drivers set for the old mobo.
If you fit the new mobo it may not boot at all.
You need to remove the drivers for the old mobo first
Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

Then you may have to reactivate windows has it will see it as a new computer

  filthyphil 18:32 02 Jun 2006

i have got a spare 8ogb hdd if i install this with the mobo will i be able to piggyback the old hdd with info on and simply transfer it over or will it still not play because two different winxp ?? i really dont want to be in a position where i may lose everything my missus would kill me... :~(

  kjrider 22:41 02 Jun 2006

If you can set up the spare HD with the new drivers and OS system on thats fine. You can plug in the old HD as the slave and transferr files across.

Don't forget that you will only be able to transfer Document files, photos, video clips, Data, but not games or programs.

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