upgrading question

  filthyphil 12:27 27 Jun 2007

Hi there, I have just bought a new mobo to upgrade the old one, I will be using the same winXP disc that was on the old mobo? will i have to take evry thing off my hdd to do this or can i just install the new drivers? will this cause me to lose all my stff on the hdd or will i have to move everything to my ext hdd?

  filthyphil 12:43 27 Jun 2007

I must say as well I am upgrading from mobo bundle amd cempron 2600 to intelPD 920 2.8
both came from novatech and have the whole xp disc

  umbongo(uk) 12:49 27 Jun 2007

its best to do a clean install on a new build
will stop nightmare momments of conflicting drivers hangs etc

move your items to your external then pop em back on later

  Batch 13:07 27 Jun 2007

You could backup all your own data (e.g. My Documents, emails, address book) and then try using the old HDD as it is.

You may get away with installing the relevant drivers. But if it doesn't work you you can do a clean install. That way you won't have lost anything other than a bit of time.

In doing a clean install, you'll need to install your applications again, so make sure that you have all of the necessary disks / install packs (if you've downloaded apps, make sure you back these up as well).

  jam500 16:58 27 Jun 2007

Or, When you have everything in put the xp disc in and do a repair, Everything you had will still be there. Then put your driver disc in when you are at the desk top.

  filthyphil 17:18 27 Jun 2007

thanks jam i will give that one a try
i have too many programs that i no longer have discs for

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