Upgrading PSU/Wattage

  ChewThis 03:03 02 May 2006

My PC is a PH 760n and with a PSU that max out at 200 watts. It's a ATX 1956D.
I'm looking to upgrade to a PSU that offers 300 watts or more. I know with HP that I have to pretty much stay with the ATX. Can someone give me some advice or recommend a upgrade that will fit and be compatible to my PC?

  rmcqua 08:38 02 May 2006

Assuming that you haven't done anything else to the PC, why would you be looking to upgrade the PSU?

  Gongoozler 08:55 02 May 2006

HP will have matched the PSU to the requirements of the computer, so unless you have changed to a more powerful graphics card or processor, or you want to fit a quieter PSU or your computer is unstable with the present PSU you are unlikely to get any improvement by changing. You can get an idea of your PSU power requirements here click here

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