Upgrading Problem: ME to XP

  Binoboy 11:06 21 Aug 2005

I tried to upgrade my OS from Windows ME to XP last night. It ran through fine until it got to finalising the installation with "26 minutes to go" at which point it seemed to stop doing anything productive. I restarted and tried again but have had the same problem - I left my computer on all night yet still the same thing is happening. I can't get onto anything else other than the installation for XP either as XP seems to be, partially at least, on my computer.

Can anyone give me any advice?


  ayrmail 11:23 21 Aug 2005

I know you said you tried to upgrade, did this involve clearing ME first or just installing over the top.
Reason I ask is that when I upgraded from 98se I to got problems and was advised by this forum to clean install and that worked.

  Binoboy 11:29 21 Aug 2005

This was just installing over the top. How do I get from the situation I'm in to clean installing XP and will I lose any unsaved files on the computer?

  Completealias 11:35 21 Aug 2005

Yes if you do a clean install now you will lose any unsaved files on the computer as you'll be wiping the hard drive clean. Have you got another pc that you could slave the hard drive onto and then copy the files accross to the other pc?

If you want to do a clean install boot from the xp disk and then follow windows setup when it asks you where you want to install to delete the current partion, then make a new partion, format and reinstall.

  Binoboy 11:42 21 Aug 2005

Yes, I could use another computer. I'll go and look for a website on how to do this but if not I'll be back later ;)

Thanks for your help!

  jollyjoe65 22:10 22 Aug 2005

I have also tried to upgrade from ME to XP but it will not even let me pass the 1st section of the install i have formatted the Hard drive but nothing so i had to reinstall ME again which is a bloody crap OS.

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