upgrading PC to wireless, help

  nick1256 20:03 14 Jul 2010

I'm trying to change my old usb modem connection to a Netgear DGN1000 wireless router connection (supplied by Orange on their broadband network)but am struggling with the router setup. All the router connections are OK but it can't find an internet connection.
Now I'm guessing there are some basic settings that need changing within network connections or internet options in Windows but I hav'nt got a clue what they are and am looking for some advise without having to call on the Orange help line.
Any help most appretiated.

  mgmcc 20:49 14 Jul 2010

If the router has been supplied by Orange it should already have been configured so that all you have to do is plug it into the phone line, although you will need to enter your personal Username & Password in its settings.

To do this, connect the computer to the router by ethernet cable, NOT WIRELESSLY, and type its IP address (usually for Netgear routers) into your web browser. This should open its configuration pages. If prompted for a Username/Password (not the same one that you're trying to configure for internet access), it should be on a label on the underside of the router but is probably 'admin' for both. Once in the settings, there should be a box to enter your internet Username & Password.

Once this is set up and you are online, run the software for your Wireless Network Adapter, which should find the SSID (network name) of your router. Select this and click the button to "Connect". If encryption has been enabled by default, the 'key' should be in the manual or again on the underside of the router. You should then be connected wirelessly and can disconnect the ethernet cable.

Post back if you have problems.

  nick1256 12:06 15 Jul 2010

I get the feeling that the router has not been configured prior to me getting it.
All I'm getting after typing in the IP address is the Netgear set up wizard with all sorts of box's to fill in manualy asking for log in & password info, ISP IP address etc, nothing as simple as just adding a user name and password.

I was getting all this after running the set up wizard initially when it was failing to find an internet connection.

Still struggling!

  mgmcc 12:20 15 Jul 2010

If you're already in the setup pages, the Login and Password you're being asked for will be the same ISP Username and Password that you use with the existing Modem and probably the same as the details you use for email. The ISP's IP address should be obtained automatically - the options may be something like Dynamic, Automatic, DHCP etc.

Some of the more technical ADSL settings if required are...

Encapsulation: PPP over ATM (PPPoA)

Multiplexing Method: VC-Based

Virtual Circuit: VPI=0 VCI=38

Modulation: Multi mode

Authentication: CHAP

  nick1256 20:40 15 Jul 2010

Cheers mgmcc, some of these setting options look familiar, will give them a try and let you know.

  nick1256 09:30 16 Jul 2010

Still no joy.

Went back to the set up disc and got through to a screen where it was going to set the router up with the following settings but after trying came back with "no internet connection found with these settings"

IP address -
Subnet -
Default gateway -
Prefered DNS server-
Alternate DNS server - blank

Looks like a call to Orange helpline!

  daureluc 18:48 20 Jul 2010

when you go on your netgar page

your login and password are the ones provided by orange, ISP ip addresses are and for orange network

try this

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