Upgrading pc, which components?

  dave_the_red 23:23 28 Oct 2005

I am about to upgrade my pc (well more like gutting it to be honest) and i would like some advice on which components to buy.

My current setup is

Asus a7n8x motherboard
Amd Athlon 2200xp processor
512mb ddr ram
Maxtor 80gb h/d
Maxtor 40gb h/d
Dvd drive etc and a nice custom case.

Basically i was hoping to get a new motherboard and processor that will not cost the earth but is quite decent for gaming.

I would be looking for an athlon 64 setup preferably.

Any ideas on a good motherboard/processor combo?

Also could somebody give me advice on whether to go for 754 pin or 939?


  Skills 01:53 29 Oct 2005

Id say go with the socket 939 as that is the newer of the two and so will support the latest chips.

What sort of a budget do you have?

So youll be wanting new chip+mobo and therefore graphics card as well? As new board will have a PCI express slot.

What about RAM are you thinking of upgrading this to some newer stuff or was you hoping to reuse.

You might need a new power supply as well as the old one may well not be up to the job.

Sorry thats loads more questions than answers but a ball park figure would be a good place to start from and what you want to use the system for.

  dave_the_red 03:43 29 Oct 2005

Sorry i forgot to put which graphics card i have on that list as well, I have a geforce 6600gt agp card.

I was hoping to get a motherboard that i could reuse my existing graphics card and ram for the time being and buy a pci express card and better ram in the future if that would be possible.

I would not really be able to spend much more than £200 at the moment, i have seen some processors and motherboards that would cost under my £200 mark for both but am just not sure on what my best route actually is with the very low budget that i have.

  aca 08:48 29 Oct 2005


If you decide to unload the motherboard/processor I'm interested in taking off yor hands as building another pc on a budget.

  garrema 10:55 29 Oct 2005

You have the graphics so I would suggest thats fine.
However re processor if you buy a new mother board and say a 3400 64 bit processor you will have some but not much change from your £200.
However have you thought about trying to find an XP3000 or XP3200 (presume they will fit the mobo)
This combination performance wise will not be so far off the lower 64 bit processors and with the change you can buy some ram and save a lot of work.
Just a thought.

  pj123 11:36 29 Oct 2005

Don't know what this is like but have a look at Bundle 5.

click here

  dave_the_red 13:56 29 Oct 2005

Aca if i do decide i can upgrade then i will contact you regarding the motherboard and processor :-)

Some good ideas there thanks

Does anybody know if there are any current motherboards that can use an agp graphics card for now but have pci express for future card upgrades?

  Skills 17:34 29 Oct 2005

I dont know of any motherboards with both agp+pci express but with your budget check out novatechs mobo bundles they are socket 754 but for the money you could get a AMD Athlon 64 3400, Heatsink and Fan, 512MB 400DDR RAM with an AGP slot for £199 including VAT click here

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