Upgrading pc to keep growing children happy.

  dazzlerboy 11:44 16 Dec 2004

Hi, I currently run a p4 2.4,,,it does the trick for me but my children are bordering teenager years and have started moding my system i have upgraded my memory from 256 to 512,added a dvd burner and also upgraded the sounds for them to the audigy 24 bit zx,,,i must admit with the creative speakers they picked we as a family have benefited mostly with that package,,makes a great hi-fi now,,,,,ok problem time,,,they now want a fancy case with "neon lights" and a new graphics card for better game play and they want to be able to watch tv on our system,,,,1st is my best option an all in wonder card? and secondly is it an easyish job stripping my del pc to add to this new case?Value Dracula S-313BB Black seems their choice.....

  TomJerry 11:55 16 Dec 2004

aiw does not have digital (freeview) TV

it is better to get a digital (freeview) TV card, for example avermedia DVB-T cost around £70

G-card, ATI 9800 pro only costs about £130

  TomJerry 12:09 16 Dec 2004

a few suggestions

Enermax CS-527 ATX Gamer Midi Tower Black w/window -------inc. FREE Alps Black FDD click here

Aerocool Aeroengine Jnr Midi Gaming Tower No PSU (Silver) click here

Mitron Acrylic Prism Case (Blue UV Reactive) click here

some clear fancy cases click here

Aerocool Aeroengine Jnr Midi Gaming Tower No PSU (Black) click here

Antec Super LanBoy Miditower, Silver Aluminium (Without PSU) click here

Guardian Gaming Case Silver Intelligent Led click here

Thermaltake Xaser Tsunami Aluminium click here

Thermaltake Xaser V Damier Black Aluminium click here

  Starfox 12:14 16 Dec 2004

Graphics and tv cards click here

Should give you some ideas.

Case change,it's as TomJerry says quite easy but ask yourself is it worth it?

  Belatucadrus 12:31 16 Dec 2004

click here

click here

for more info on the Dracula case

  dazzlerboy 19:05 05 Jan 2005

Has anyone got advice on how to stop a search engine called 123 mania from hijacking my computer?

  Rayuk 19:17 05 Jan 2005

A quick google came up with
click here

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