Upgrading a PC to cope with HD video editing

  evets51 15:04 23 Oct 2013

I have a three year old PC with the following specs:

AMD Phenom™ II X4 945 Quad Core Processor AM3 (3.0GHz, 8MB Cache) ASUS M4A78LT-M Mainboard (uATX), with integrated HDMI/DVI/VGA Graphics - DDR3

4GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM - (2x2GB) 1GB ATI Radeon HD3000 Integrated Graphics - Full HD Support (M4A78LT-M)

I've ben using Windows 7 Live Movie Maker to edit HD videos (1080p) shot on my Canon EOS 7D camera. It doesn't cope with it at all well. If I just play the files as they come out of the camera, they play well enough. The minute I drag and drop them into Movie Maker and try to play, I get sound but no moving pictures at all. So I basically have to guess where to cut the video etc. Once its saved the project as a .wmv file it does play well again.

I'm looking to upgrade the PC as cheaply as possible so that it copes well with this type of work. Never really fiddled around inside the case before but reasonably technically able so hoping I can figure my way through. Would I be best to upgrade the graphics card, the memory, or both - and any recommendations on what to buy please? Thanks in advance.

  Woolwell 20:17 23 Oct 2013

Do you have W7 64 bit?

PSU wattage?

Increasing RAM may well help but coping well with editing HD video may be beyond what an upgrade can achieve.

  michaelw 08:41 24 Oct 2013

It would be worth investing in a decent editing suite as well. Personally I'd whack your ram up to 16gb and buy Pinnicle or Sony Vegas.

  evets51 09:39 24 Oct 2013

No its 32-bit Windows 7 (I think - Home Premium Edition - will double check tonight), and 300W power supply.

If an upgrade isn't realistic then what would be a decent spec / brand etc PC to consider? I don't want to go over the top on the latest games machine etc but am happy to spend what's necessary to last me a good few years.

Thanks for the comment on editing suites - that was next on my list as WMM seems a bit limited but I thought I need to get the hardware sorted first.

  Woolwell 10:30 24 Oct 2013

If it's 32 bit then you cannot increase the RAM as you are the maximum that can be used under 32 bit. The power supply is at the lower end too.

Lasting a good few years may be difficult but have a look at Chillblast, Novatech, etc.

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