Upgrading old Tiny laptop Ram

  serbius 09:07 03 May 2018

I have an Old ( around 10+ years) Tiny laptop which was running Windows XP which I'm resurrecting . The 80GB hard drive failed, so I bought a new 80 GB Samsung hard drive, Installed Windows 7 and now I need to increase the existing 1GB Ram. I can't find any technical information as 'Tiny' went bust many years ago. The laptop is a Tiny N14 there is some info' on a sticker: 80241TNS1181T8. serial number: 000215477/017. In the Ram slot there are 2 banks of Ram Please see photos , I assume 500MB each. Ideally I would like to increase the Ram to 4GB or at least 2GB which I need to run windows. Any help with what Ram to buy and where to get it along with any other details of this rare and highly sought after (LOL) machine much appreciated. I realise of course that this is a bit of a silly exercise, but I was at one time fond of the machine and I can't bear to see waste and get satisfaction from fixing things and bringing them back to life.

  wee eddie 10:15 03 May 2018

Visit Crucial's website, but RAM that old could be expensive

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