Upgrading old sound card

  Jonathon J-189322 20:35 15 Oct 2004

I am planning to upgrade my onboard sound card and install the Creative Audigy 2 ZS. I have an ASROCK K7S8XE motherboard with onboard C Media AC 97 sound card.

I was wondering, before deciding on either the OEM or retail version, will I need any extra cables or brackets when putting the new card in? Also, will I have to uninstall all the driver details for the onboard one first??

Any help would be much appreciated!! :-)

  CurlyWhirly 20:47 15 Oct 2004

I don't know about whether you should go for the OEM or retail version but as I used to use onboard sound I know that you will have to uninstall the onboard sound drivers.
They are normally in Add/remove programs under 'AC97 Audio' or something similar.

  polish 20:51 15 Oct 2004

as far as iam aware you will not need cables or brackets but with oem no software is supplied drivers etc

  Noelg23 20:52 15 Oct 2004

I have onboard sound and I also have a Creative Audigy LS...I havent disabled the drivers for the onboard sound and neither have I uninstalled any associated software cos quite simply they dont clash...and I am not a big fan of onboard sound when it comes to building to my own PC but for other people they are not bothered unless they specify otherwise...so really there's no need to disable or uninstall the onboard sound...cos if you do it will prompt you to install it again when you reboot the system...

  Noelg23 20:52 15 Oct 2004

oh yes make sure you go for the retail version of the sound card...I got mine and it came with a game free...

  dan 11 20:58 15 Oct 2004

It should be fairly simple to change.

Look in add and remove programmes for ac97 or sound max. Remove them.

restart the computer and enter the bios. Pick the advanced heading and then peripheral configuration. Move down to onboard ac97 audio and set this to disable. F10 to save settings and exit.

Shut the computer down, insert the sound card into a vacant PCI slot and boot up. Have the driver disk in before windows gets to desktop and it should load the drivers for you.

You should not need any brackets and a cable from the cdrom/dvd to the sound card is not really needed as windows can funnel the signal via the IDE cable. This is just for cd or dvd music anyway.

  Jonathon J-189322 21:00 15 Oct 2004

Thanks people, I didn't expect such a quick response!! :-) Whilst the game(s) option is appealing, the price isn't, so I think I shall opt for the OEM version!!

Thank you for your help!! :-)


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